Why Triple C

Why TripleC?

TripleC was borne out of a passion for change. As a group of people with disabilities, we’ve found transforming attitudes to inclusivity within the arts a painfully slow process. Together, we aim to accelerate this process by sharing our knowledge of making work accessible and finding solutions to access issues. 

During recent years, disabled people have been hit hard by cuts in both funding and support. As a result, many disabled people in Manchester are stuck in their homes because the council no longer provides social care outside of this environment. This excludes almost any social interaction, leaving these individuals isolated. This is a heart-breaking situation that we aim to address! So, TripleC urgently needs to raise funds, allowing us to provide transport and personal care for those individuals who are keen to attend our workshops and training sessions independently.

Recent cuts to social funding have also left many young people with disabilities facing the reality of exclusion from independent living. They now have a fight on their hands and we need your help to enable their voices and determination. TripleC wants to empower disabled young people to be confident in their identity, giving them the ability to face life’s challenges. We want disabled young people to train alongside most company roles, ensuring work experience and future job prospects are available to young people with disabilities in Manchester.