How to create your Just Giving page

1. Go to the JustGiving homepage:
2. Press the big orange button that says Start funding
3. You will then get two options - A Charity or My own cause
4. Under My own cause, click the purple Start crowdfunding button.
5. Then fill in the form about how much you are aiming to raise.
6. There are some ideas below that you can cut and paste, or feel free to write your own story.

In the ‘to’ box, please insert:
Raise money for TripleC to provide drama for disabled people who can’t currently access it in


In the ‘Story Box’, please insert:

TripleC is fundraising to provide drama classes on a weekly basis in The Lancasterian School,where the disabled young people don’t have it on their curriculum.

TripleC is raising money to run a weekly Youth Theatre in an established theatre in Manchester,once the young people have gained confidence they will be offered the opportunity to join their local youth theatre, who TripleC will have offered training to all Youth Theatre Leaders in Manchester on how to make their work accessible to all.

TripleC is also raising money to run a weekly drama workshop for disabled people with high support needs who due to recent care cuts no longer have any care support outside their home. Many people are left alone for hours at a time, often having been offered incontinence pads as an alternative to being giving adequate care support to enable them to go to the toilet. TripleC want to provide one day of care support a week and travel costs, which will enable these individuals to participate in a drama workshop specifically geared to create confidence and promote personal identity. People have had their whole identity taken away from them through the care cuts, they no longer can work or volunteer, be an active part of their community or even pursue hobbies. TripleC wants to help people feel included in life again.